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60 Mins – 580AED
OSMO-THERMY is a slimming treatment based on osmotic balance, remineralization of the body and aromatic well-being. OSMO-THERMY combines a peeling and skin deep cleansing technique with a thermal body wrap rich in sea salt, fruit and flower extracts. This treatment uses osmosis to work effectively on congested tissue. OSMOSIS plays an active eliminatory role and provides an excellent alternative to traditional slimming treatments. This phenomenon also enables detoxifying the body,
smoothing cellulite and improving skin quality. OSMO-THERMY uses MACRO and TRACE ELEMENTS to effectively treat the body, remineralizing it for a deep regenerative effect. Several ESSENTIAL OILS, with multiple benefits, have been incorporated into this treatment to relax the body and calm the mind.
Recommended: Treatment Course = 4 SESSIONS | Treatment Frequency = Once a Week.


75 Mins – 580AED
Ericson Laboratoire created CELLULIT’ VIB, a high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite. CELLULIT’ VIB is the new shock treatment with “ultrasound-like” effects from our Laboratories. It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite. This performance is obtained through the action of a triggering phyto-complex which is capable of breaking the bonds responsible for the formation of clumps of fat cells and their incrustation under the skin. This slimming action is sustained and reinforced by a draining lipolytic complex which burns the fats, releases, then eliminates them.
Recommended: Treatment Course = 6 SESSIONS | Treatment Frequency = Twice a Week.


75 Mins – 725AED
Over time, our natural biological balance is disturbed and this affects the different metabolisms. The body loses tone, firmness, hypertrophied tissues relax, our body structure becomes heavier and deformed. Regarding the skin tissue, we observe an ” intoxication ” or ” indigestion ” of the cellular excess that manifests itself in different aspects: the adipose tissue acquires a significant volume, cellulite areas are created with a modification of the volumes, the appearance of the skin orange, fluid retention, edema, inflammation. True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards non-surgical medical aesthetics, Ericson Laboratoire today proposes a complete treatment, the 3D LIPO DRAINAGE that allows working on the 3 main parameters of excess weight and vascular deficiency: Detoxification of fats, Venous drainage, Anti-water deinfiltration.

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