Our elite professionals invite you to sit back, relax, and unwind, and let us do the rest and bring the ultimate spa experience to you.

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We realize self-care didn’t have to be about solitude, serenity and silence. In fact, it was much more fun with a group of friends! Recognizing that many others felt the same way, we began throwing small spa parties that mixed massages and manis with socializing and fun. We now take the concept of “self-care and social bonding” to corporate events, private parties, and kids parties across the country. Spa parties have been a timeless theme that keeps party guests happy, manicured, and massaged.

We collaborate with corporate businesses, offering mobile services to companies and for corporate events. This can range from offering your employees a spa day regularly on a designated day of the week, or using Revive Spa’s services for a one-time event.

We also offer packages for other events, including celebrations such as birthdays, bachelorettes, baby showers, and more! We can accommodate events of any size, and offer any of the treatments included in our mobile services menu.

mixes massages and manicures with conversation. It’s an interactive, high-touch brand activation to entice clients and partners, or to show your staff they’re valued

We design spa and beauty events around your corporate brand and goals: for any crowd, with any theme, for any reason.

Boost loyalty—when employees & partners are feeling their best, they’ll give you their best!

Put clients in a relaxed, receptive mood so they’re more responsive to your message.

Excitement and empowerment with a side of sparkle: it’s a day (or night) of girl power and bonding, complete with manis, makeup, FACIALS, and Mini massages!

Packages include BFF bonding, spa treatments, and a healthy dose of empowerment. We provide an all-female spa staff, supplies, services, and decor!


Mixing best friends and cocktails, massages and manicures, THIS is the perfect recipe for self-care.

Some live for the social, others just want to unwind. Choose your spa party’s vibe-whether low-stress or high-spirited-with one of our many packages and themes!