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Hair + Makeup

Hair Cut & Style

Our Hair Cut & Style Menu

French Cut (15 mins)
AED 75
Hair Cut
AED 180
Blow Dry (Short)
AED 210
Blow Dry (Medium)
AED 265
Blow Dry (Long)
AED 315
Half-Updo Style
AED 410
Full Updo Style
AED 695

Hair Coloring

Our Hair Coloring Menu

Roots Color
AED 325
Full Color (Short)
AED 350
Full Color (Medium)
AED 465
Full Color (Long)
AED 580
Highlights/Lowlights (Short)
AED 695
Highlights/Lowlights (Medium)
AED 925
Highlights/Lowlights (Long)
AED 1155

Hair Treatment

Our Hair Treatments Menu

Hair Mask + Steam (Short)
AED 115
Hair Mask + Steam (Medium)
AED 180
Hair Mask + Steam (Long)
AED 230
Keratin (Short)
AED 875
Keratin (Medium)
AED 1155
Keratin (Long)
AED 1735
Hair Botox (Short)
AED 875
Hair Botox (Medium)
AED 1155
Hair Botox (Long)
AED 1735
Protein Treatment (Short)
AED 875
Protein Treatment (Medium)
AED 1155
Protein Treatment (Long)
AED 1735


Our Makeup Menu

Eye Makeup
AED 630
Full Makeup
AED 840
Bridal Makeup
AED 2100