Our elite professionals invite you to sit back, relax, and unwind, and let us do the rest and bring the ultimate spa experience to you.

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About Us


Founded in 2016, Revive Spa set out on a mission to provide THE ultimate relaxation and wellbeing EXPERIENCE. A group of founders began bringing professional and modern spa services to the UAE in 2015, when they signed with Dubai Airport Authorities for spa services. CONSEQUENTLY, one of the founders, Shahi Dayekh, expanded these professional services into the mainland in Dubai City.
Revive Spa was established in several locations, including hotels, and now serves over 20,000 customers through many WELLNESS programs. REVIVE SPA HAS ALSO PARTNERED WITH TOP-TIER wellness and beauty product brands, WHICH ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE over the counter and online.


WE ARE a health and wellness Spa, focused mainly on the HOLISTIC wellbeing of our clients with an emphasis on improving health. WE PROVIDE SPA treatments and HEALTH-RELATED PRACTICES, using a wide range of THERAPEUTIC massage techniques AND BODY TREATMENTS THAT promote vitality, rejuvenation, relaxation, PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELLBEING, AND MORE. We have a carefully CURATED HEALING AND RESTORATIVE menu, and HIGHLY-equipped facilities geared towards relaxation and promoting healthy living.
Whether you want to focus on detoxing, de-stressing, ANTI-AGING, body toning, OR holistic healing, Revive Spa invites you to choose the ideal treatment for you, tailored TO YOUR NEEDS for maximum benefits.
Our philosophy REVOLVES AROUND allowING our clients to achieve utmost tranquility, boosting mental and physical health, and connecting them to their rawest senses.
Each therapist is hand-selected, fully licensed, carefully trained, and embodies the knowledge and experience to satisfy our BAR-NONE standards. We work with internationally recognized academies around the world to recruit and train professional therapists up to the level of our expertise, ensuring that they are in harmony and are constantly up to date with THE newEST trends and techniques. ADDITIONALLY, Our therapists are re-trained every quarter. We continuously monitor the quality of our services through in-house trainers and customer feedback.


At Revive we aim TO deliver UNMATCHED WELLNESS treatments THAT aid in pain AND STRESS relief, rehabilitation, and HEALING because good health starts right where you are.