Our elite professionals invite you to sit back, relax, and unwind, and let us do the rest and bring the ultimate spa experience to you.

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Signature Treatments

Royal Indulgence

150 Mins – 1200AED

This luxurious treatment begins with a full body handcrafted scrub that will restore your skin, followed by a one hour full-body herbal massage using aromatherapy oil and hot poultices. Your indulging journey will then be completed with an anti- ageing facial, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and Revived.

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Revive Royal Moroccan Bath

90 Mins – 580AED

Take a step back in time and let us pamper you like the Sultans were once pampered. This special bathing tradition leaves you with a head-to-toe cleanse and utmost tranquility. Like our Signature Moroccan Bath, it deeply cleanses your body, using steam, Moroccan Black cleansing soap, and a luffa for scrubbing and exfoliation. A body mask as well as a hair mask are then applied, along with a full-body massage, leaving you with a fresh complexion and relaxed after-glow.

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Coffee Slimming Massage

90Mins – 570AED

This treatment is a 60 minute luxurious massage with coffee infused oil. This treatment is your skin’s best friend! It utilizes the caffeine found in coffee to increase blood flow, mend broken skin, soothe irritation, and revitalize cells. Additionally, coffee contains a free radical scavenger which helps to neutralize reactions caused by oxidation, the primary cause for conditions such as acne, eczema, and cellulite. If you have sensitive skin, this will help soothe the skin and tighten your blood vessels, temporarily but effectively relieving swelling and redness. For maximized benefits, precede this massage with a 30 minute coffee scrub treatment.

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Cleopatra Rice Honey Scrub

90 Mins – 540AED

Using a combination of rice and honey, this lavish royal cleansing body polish is rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, as well as antioxidants. It cleanses your body of impurities and oxygenates the skin, using the honey to restore moisture and youth to your body. Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, frankincense, fennel and rosemary essential oils are additionally used to promote cell regeneration and relieve mental fatigue and nervous tension, resulting in the flawless skin of a Queen.

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Revive Coconut Massage

60 Mins – 525AED | 90 Mins – 790AED

This massage harnesses coconut oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. During this massage, the skin is rubbed with pure coconut oil and the muscles are subjected to light pressure, stimulating the blood circulation below the skin and in the muscles.

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Rose Scrub & Massage

90 Mins – 560AED

This exquisite body ritual uses the anti-aging properties of damask rose and a unique combination of exfoliation techniques for a cleansing and indulgent experience. It begins with a 30-minute exfoliating scrub using our signature blend of rose petals and essential oils to stimulate energy flow and improve skin hydration, ensuring brighter, younger-looking skin. This is followed by a 60-minute massage that uses long, soothing strokes and the aromatherapy of 9 essential oils to achieve total calm and relaxation. Our certified organic essential oils are a blend of frankincense, neroli, lavender, carrot seed, sandalwood, fennel, Ylang-Ylang and geranium that revive dehydrated skin promoting firm and radiant skin.

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Herbal Poultice Massage

75 Mins – 525AED

Performed for hundreds of years, the Herbal massage provides deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue and improving health. This therapy relies on the use of hot poultices filled with a selection of herbs and spices. These hot compresses promote relaxation, soothing aching muscles and stiff joints.

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Rejuvenating Massage

60 Mins – 445AED | 90 Mins – 665AED

The science behind rejuvenation states that lymphatic drainage massage techniques accompanied by carefully selected essential oils speed up the removal of unwanted toxins built up from stress, pollution and a busy life. In this treatment, a mix of six essential oils is used to help rejuvenate the skin, giving it a flawless texture while taking one unforgettable journey of calmness and relaxation. Our massage therapists adjust their eclectic techniques, so you get the massage you require.

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Revive Ottoman Hammam

60Mins – 440AED

This is a method of full body cleansing, complete relaxation and most importantly, sweat. It is a treatment taken from the hammam experience, including a scrub and vigorous exfoliation using a traditional scrub glove and soap. A special type of bag is filled with the soap foam which is then spread all over the body using relaxing movements and soothing strokes. A Turkish delight, indeed!

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Signature Moroccan Bath

60 Mins – 410AED

This luxurious body cleansing ritual delicately removes unwanted dry skin from your body, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier, more youthful and moisturized. Beginning with soaking your body in a steam room, you are then washed with Moroccan Black cleaning soap, rinsed, exfoliated with a luffa, and massaged. This treatment will leave your skin glowing and your mind free of any worries.

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