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Ericson Laboratoire Cellulit’VIB

75 Mins – 580AED

Recommended: Treatment Course = 6 SESSIONS | Treatment Frequency = Twice a Week.

Ericson Laboratoire created CELLULIT’ VIB, a high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite. CELLULIT’ VIB is the new shock treatment with “ultrasound-like” effects from our Laboratories. It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite. This performance is obtained through the action of a triggering phyto-complex which is capable of breaking the bonds responsible for the formation of clumps of fat cells and their incrustation under the skin. This slimming action is sustained and reinforced by a draining lipolytic complex which burns the fats, releases, then eliminates them.

SLIMMING PERFORMANCE IN 3 METHODS: Detachement of adipocytes, Fat elimination, Draining the waste. Remodeling the 3-dimensional structure of the adipose tissue.





Ever since it has been used for aesthetic reasons, ultrasound has been a recognised part of slimming methods. Continually seeking to improve efficacy, our Laboratories have succeeded in incorporating the GREAT VIBRATORY POWER of ultrasound in new, high-tech slimming formula, capable of targeting the correction of fatty masses.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE is a professional dermatocosmetics for face, body and bust skin care. The brand has the highest reputation in the field of medical aesthetics on all continents, is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, in most of them it is the market leader in salon procedures! And all this thanks to its innovativeness, high efficiency and brilliant aesthetic results!

Cosmeceutical care from ERICSON LABORATOIRE is the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology, genetics, biology to create innovative components and comprehensive care. The most modern production methods, compliance with strict European standards make it possible to create not only effective components, but also the possibility of their deep penetration and targeted impact. Effective and safe active complexes, fully compatible with human skin, are created in close synergy of natural sources, biotechnology and chemical synthesis.