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Ericson Laboratoire Lipo-Drainage

75 Mins – 725AED

Over time, our natural biological balance is disturbed and this affects the different metabolisms. The body loses tone, firmness, hypertrophied tissues relax, our body structure becomes heavier and deformed. Regarding the skin tissue, we observe an ” intoxication ” or ” indigestion ” of the cellular excess that manifests itself in different aspects: the adipose tissue acquires a significant volume, cellulite areas are created with a modification of the volumes, the appearance of the skin orange, fluid retention, edema, inflammation. True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards non-surgical medical aesthetics, Ericson Laboratoire today proposes a complete treatment, the 3D LIPO DRAINAGE that allows working on the 3 main parameters of excess weight and vascular deficiency: Detoxification of fats, Venous drainage, Anti-water deinfiltration.


ERICSON LABORATOIRE is a professional dermatocosmetics for face, body and bust skin care. The brand has the highest reputation in the field of medical aesthetics on all continents, is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, in most of them it is the market leader in salon procedures! And all this thanks to its innovativeness, high efficiency and brilliant aesthetic results!

Cosmeceutical care from ERICSON LABORATOIRE is the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology, genetics, biology to create innovative components and comprehensive care. The most modern production methods, compliance with strict European standards make it possible to create not only effective components, but also the possibility of their deep penetration and targeted impact. Effective and safe active complexes, fully compatible with human skin, are created in close synergy of natural sources, biotechnology and chemical synthesis.