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Ericson Laboratoire Osmo-Thermy

60 Mins – 580AED

Recommended: Treatment Course = 4 SESSIONS | Treatment Frequency = Once a Week.

OSMO-THERMY is a slimming treatment based on osmotic balance, remineralization of the body and aromatic well-being. OSMO-THERMY combines a peeling and skin deep cleansing technique with a thermal body wrap rich in sea salt, fruit and flower extracts. This treatment uses osmosis to work effectively on congested tissue. OSMOSIS plays an active eliminatory role and provides an excellent alternative to traditional slimming treatments. This phenomenon also enables detoxifying the body, smoothing cellulite and improving skin quality. OSMO-THERMY uses MACRO and TRACE ELEMENTS to effectively treat the body, remineralizing it for a deep regenerative effect. Several ESSENTIAL OILS, with multiple benefits, have been incorporated into this treatment to relax the body and calm the mind.

NATURAL SALT OSMOSIS FOR ACTIVE ELIMINATION. Generalized excess weight and water retention Salt exfoliation. Deep cleansing. Elimination of toxins.









The OSMO SENS line has been specially formulated to prolong the beneficial effects of OSMO-THERMY salon treatment. It will allow you to discover inner harmony at home, whenever the need arises.

Recreate at home a SPA, source of escape and well-being, during the time of a home treatment. This ritual consists of remineralizing salt crystals and aromatic oils to instantly relieve you of fatigue and stress, and help you unwind and escape from the worries of everyday life.

Through these two different diffusion phenomena (CUTANEOUS DIFFUSION & THE OSMOTIC PHENOMENON), the skin is drained, REPLENISHED with minerals and recovers its isotonic balance.

ERICSON LABORATOIRE is a professional dermatocosmetics for face, body and bust skin care. The brand has the highest reputation in the field of medical aesthetics on all continents, is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, in most of them it is the market leader in salon procedures! And all this thanks to its innovativeness, high efficiency and brilliant aesthetic results!

Cosmeceutical care from ERICSON LABORATOIRE is the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology, genetics, biology to create innovative components and comprehensive care. The most modern production methods, compliance with strict European standards make it possible to create not only effective components, but also the possibility of their deep penetration and targeted impact. Effective and safe active complexes, fully compatible with human skin, are created in close synergy of natural sources, biotechnology and chemical synthesis.