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Collagen Anti-Aging

To fight the first signs of ageing, this unique professional treatment imbues skin with Native Marine Collagen, whose incomparably bioavailable original molecules plump up wrinkles and fine lines. Skin is intensely hydrated and ultra-smooth and its complexion radiant.

For whom? For women aged around 25-30 with fine lines and/or expression lines.
Timing: 1 hour
Results: More even skin texture: 100%*, Smoother skin: 89%*, More luminous skin: 89%*


*Self-assessment of the effectiveness of a treatment by nine volunteers (25-54 years old); results validated by a jury of 16 beauticians.

The Thalgo cleansing ritual and massage techniques, including their Heart of the Ocean massage with movements that recreate the rhythmic motions of the sea, relax the facial muscles and help to relieve tension.
Marine spring water drawn from the heart of the oceans, remarkably rich in trace elements, helps to optimise hydration and bring a glow back to your skin, curb water loss, restore the barrier function of the skin and hydrate the skin in remineralising vital water.
Marine algae have the amazing ability to increase the rich content of minerals and trace elements of the sea and restore its strengthening, remineralizing and balancing properties. They have a very high concentration of mineral elements (iodine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, cobalt, iron, fluoride, etc.) and contain almost every vitamin and amino acid.