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Thalgo Micellar Cleansing Water – 200 ml


A miscellar cleansing water with Sève Bleue des Océans, which cleanses and tones the face and eyes in a single step. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

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200 ML

This 3-in-1 Thalgo Micellar Cleansing Water contains tiny micellar particles to absorb make-up, oil and impurities to cleanse, tone and remineralise in a single step.

  • Sève Bleue des Océans – alcohol-free

    A unique composition: 14 times richer in Silicium than seawater, 12 times more concentrated in Manganese and contains 8 times more Zinc. It performs a triple action on the skin: hydration, an immediate soothing effect and strengthening of the cellular structure.

  • Sève Bleue des Océans + Micellar Technology

    . Super-fine microspheres, composed of 2 parts (hydrophile and hydrophobe), attract dirt particles and impurities which are removed with cotton wool for perfect make-up removal.


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